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Virtual machine is inaccessible after vMotion | VMware

Issue : VM fails to power on, power off or modify. If tried to migrate to another ESXi host the VM gets disconnected. Error from vCenter : VM will be shown in vCenter as inaccessible.  Snippets from the logs from ESXi host : [root@ESXi01:/vmfs/volumes/570248ff-86524429-7f05-848f691451f9/VMname] cat VMname.vmx | grep vmdk cat: can't open 'VMname.vmx': Device or resource busy Troubleshooting : The logs shows that the VM is busy or locked due to some reason. Check the lock status using vmx [root@ESXi01:/vmfs/volumes/570248ff-86524429-7f05-848f691451f9/VMname] vmkfstools -D VMname.vmx Lock [type 10c00001 offset 151009280 v 326, hb offset 3198976 gen 61, mode 1, owner 58109c0d-10ae7368-fd7b- 848f69156ba8 mtime 15841905 num 0 gblnum 0 gblgen 0 gblbrk 0] Addr <4, 326, 119>, gen 129, links 1, type reg, flags 0, uid 0, gid 0, mode 100755 len 5230, nb 1 tbz 0, cow 0, newSinceEpoch 1, zla 2, bs 8192 The highli

VMware ESXi host disconnects from vCenter

Issue : ESXi hosts disconnects from vCenter and may not even connect directly using vSphere client. The VMs will continue to run. SSH to host will work. Execution of esxcfg-scsidevs -m command will hang. LUN disappears in one or more hosts in an ESXi cluster.  Errors from vCenter : A general system error occurred: Invalid response code: 503 Service Unavailable. Unable to communicate with the remote host, since it is disconnected. Cannot contact the specified host. The host may not be available on the network, a network configuration problem may exist, or the management services on this host may not be responding. Snippets from the vmkernal logs from ESXi host : Check for non-responsive luns [root@ESXi01:~] cat /var/log/vmkernel.log  | grep -i responsive cpuxx:yyyyyyy ALERT: hostd detected to be non-responsive Check vmkernel.log where device status is 0x18 which corresponds to Reservation conflict [root@ ESXi01 :~] cat /var/log/vmkernel.log |

VMware ESXi host disconnects and do not connect back to vCenter

Issue : ESXi host disconnects from vCenter. And if tried to reconnect, the activity fails at 89% Error from vCenter : A general system error occurred: internal error Processing data from vCenter agent on ESXi01 Snippets from the vpxd logs from vCenter : =============================================================== 2016-03-29T12:28:37.644+05:30 error vpxd[14460] [Originator@6876 sub=HttpConnectionPool-000001] [ConnectComplete] Connect failed to <cs p:000000001099ab00, TCP:IP Address:443>; cnx: (null), error: class Vmacore::Ssl::SSLVerifyException(SSL Exception: Verification parameters: --> PeerThumbprint: Thumbprint --> ExpectedThumbprint:  --> ExpectedPeerName: IP/Hostname --> The remote host certificate has these problems: -->  --> * The host certificate chain is incomplete. -->  --> * Host name does not match the subject name(s) in certificate. -->  --> * unable to get local issuer ce