VMware and Windows Interview Questions: Part 8

1.     Can you map a single physical NIC to multiple virtual switches ?
o    No
2.     Can you map a single virtual switch to multiple physical NICs?
o    Yes. This method is called NIC teaming.
3.     In vSphere 5.5, VMKernel portgroup can be used for:
o    vMotion
o    Fault Tolerance Logging
o    Management traffic
4.     Major difference between ESXi 5.1 and ESXi 5.5 (above) free versions
o    Till ESXi 5.1 free version there was a limit to the maximum physical memory to 32 GB. But from 5.5 onwards this limit has been lifted.
5.     What is IPAM server in Windows server 2012?
o     IPAM is IP Address Management server in Windows Server 2012. It enables central management of both DHCP and DNS servers. It can also be used to discover, monitor, and audit DHCP and DNS servers.
6.     How to promote a server to domain controller in Windows server 2012?
o    DCPROMO was the conventional tool used to promote a normal server to DC. This is now deprecated in Server 2012. 
o    In Server 2012, you can convert a server into DC using the server manager console. Under Server Manager, add a new role "Active Directory Domain Services"
7.     What is Pluggable Storage Architecture in VMware?
o    To manage storage multipathing, ESX/ESXi uses a special VMkernel layer called Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA)
o    Handles I/O queueing to the logical devices. Handles physical path discovery and removal
8.     Which is the partition type used in VMware ESXi scratch partition?
o    VFAT
9.     What is NMP and its role in VMware?
o    NMP is Native Multipath Plugin
o    It is the default multipath plugin in VMware
o    Manages physical path claiming and unclaiming
o    Registers and de-registers logical devices
o    Associates physical paths with logical devices
o    Processes I/O requests to logical devices
10. What are the sub plugins in NMP?
o    SATP and PSP are the two sub plugins of NMP
o    SATP or Storage Array Type Plugins take care of the fail over mechanism of datastore and keeps track of paths available to a LUN or datastore


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