VMware and Windows Interview Questions: Part 6

1.     Can we setup an AD site  without a DC ?
a.      Yes..
2.     What is DAS ? How is it connected to the server ?
a.      DAS is Direct Attached Storage. DAS is available with many vendors. When a server has exhausted all its storage resource, we can connect a DAS solution to it. DAS can be connected to a server using SAS cable.
3.     How is an iscsi device connected to a server ?
a.      An iscsi device can be connected using the iqn number.
4.     How can I add new HDD space to an existing drive ?
a.      Convert the drive from Basic to Dynamic
5.     What happens when a standalone host is taken into maintenance mode ?
a.      The activity will wait until all VMs are shutdown.
6.     What if all GC in the environment are down ?
a.      GC is required for multi domain forests - In a single domain infrastructure, the DCs will not contact the GC for authenticating. But in multi domain infrastructure, GC is required for authentication.
b.     Universal Group Membership evaluation - Universal Group Membership which exists in a multi domain forests works only with GC.
c.      UPN resolution - The users cannot login to the domain using the username abc@example.com
7.     How to update Dell server BIOS ?
a.      Dell provides the update in different file formats. One for Windows , one for linux...If it is a VMware server, then download the Non-Packaged exe format from Dell website and copy it to a DOS bootable USB drive. Shutdown the server and boot from USB drive and execute the file.
8.     DSET
a.      Dell Server E-Support Tool (DSET) provides the ability to collect hardware, storage and operating system information from Dell PowerEdge server.
9.     How to upgrade ESXi 5.1 to ESXi 5.5 ?
a.      Using vSphere update manager
b.     Upgrade interactively using the ESXi installer ISO image on CD/DVD or Flash drive
c.      Using vSphere Auto Deploy
d.     Using esxcli command-line interface
10. What is default time after which the DHCP client assigns itself an APIPA ?


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