VMware and Windows Interview Questions: Part 9

  1. How can I change the EVC mode of an existing cluster?
    • You need to shutdown all running VMs in that cluster to change the EVC mode
  2. What if reconnecting the ESXi host back to an EVC cluster fails?
    • Make a note of the VM folders
    • Remove the ESXi host from the inventory
    • Add the ESXi host directly to the vCenter outside the EVC cluster
    • Now move the server to the EVC cluster
    • Add the VMs back to the folders
  3. What is PSC?
    • PSC is Platform Service Controller
    • This is an extended SSO model which was there in pre 6.0 versions
    • It takes care of authentication,licensing,certificates etc..
  4. What are the two deployment models of PSC?
    • Embedded & External
    • Embedded if PSC is installed in vCenter box
    • External if PSC is installed outside vCenter in separate box
  5. How can I check if storage is VAAI capable?
    • Check datastore and confirm if it supports Hardware Acceleration
  6. What is vmx~?
    • In addition to the normal vmx file, from vSphere 6.0 onwards there is an additional file vmx~
    • vmx~ first takes any configuration changes and then writes to the actual vmx file
    • This ensures that the actual vmx file do not get corrupted
  7. What are the various memory states in ESXi ?
    • High
    • Clear
    • Soft
    • Hard
    • Low
  8. What is VMCP?
    • VMCP is VMware Component Protection
    • This new feature in 6.0 ensures that VMs are rebooted in other servers during APD or PDL situations
  9. What is the name of ballooning driver in ESXi?
    • vmmemctl
  10. What is scratch partition?
    • Scratch partition stores the logs and other details of ESXi which helps in troubleshooting


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