VMware scenario based interview questions

  1. vMotion failed at 14%. What could be the possible reasons ?
  2. How to extend a logical volume in Windows 2003 hosted in VMware ?
  3. CentOS Network interface is not detecting after VMware clone ?
  4. SQL servers hosted in VMs are facing performance degradation. How to confirm whether it is a SQL related issue or VMware related issue ?
  5. Software iSCSI adapters are not visible. What could be the reason ?
  6. How to clone a VM without vCenter ?
  7. A VM failed to start after moving from another VMware platform ? What could be the reason ?
  8. VM appears as inaccessible in vCenter. What could be the reason ?
  9. How will we shrink the size of a vmdk file ?
  10. How will we reclaim the size of a thin provisioned vmdk file ?
  11. How to resize an IDE virtual disk in VMware ?
  12. How to remove iscsi targets from ESXi with 'Dead' or 'Error' status ? 
  13. The operation to resize a VM disk failed. What are the possible reasons ?
  14. Cannot create VMs with virtual machine version 9 in ESXi. What could be the reason ?
  15. How to take backup of ESXi configuration ?
  16. ESXi host shown as disconnected in vCenter. What are the possible reasons ?

For other generic VMware Windows interview questions, check the below links:


  1. Thanks a Lot for Sharing the Information, It's an awesome Documents for clearing the interviews

  2. Great articles buddy...way to go!! Thank you for Sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing .It would be more helpful ,if you post some more latest ESXi version issues. Like ESXi 6.0 and above ,bcz in market 5.0 is no more. :)


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