Virtual Machine is unresponsive at times

                 I don't know if this is a subject for a blog. But since the resolution of this issue appeared to be so silly and simple, thought of sharing that with you.


VM in an ESXi appears to be unresponsive at times. We are receiving ping response but not able to connect via RDP or console.
The ultimate method of resolving this issue was a VM reset until I found the root cause.


After many hours of troubleshooting, the issue got resolved.

The CD/DVD drive was connected to the Host device. Ever since I changed the CD/DVD drive to client device, the issue did not recur.
The resolution appears to be silly, but worked for me. This resolution is only one of many reason that could impact VM performance.


When a CD/DVD drive of a VM is connected to the host device and if that device is unavailable, VMware will block the actions of the VM while waiting for a response from the host CD/DVD device.


  1. Good one Nithin..No one would have guessed that :)

  2. excellent will try if face this issue


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