VMware Prerequisites : Quick reference

  • Host must be licensed for vMotion
  • Configure host with at least one vMotion n/w interface (vmkernel port group)
  • Shared storage (this has been compromised in 5.1)
  • Same VLAN and VLAN label
  • GigaBit ethernet network required between hosts
  • Processor compatibility between hosts
  • vMotion does not support migration of applications clustered using Microsoft clustering service
  • No CD ROM attached
  • No affinity is enabled
  • VMware tools should be installed

Fault Tolerance

Host requirements
  • Hosts should have license for FT feature
  • Hosts must have processors from the FT compatible processor group

Cluster requirements
  • There should be at least two hosts with the same host build number
  • The hosts should have the same datastores and networks
  • FT logging and vMotion networking should be configured
  • VMware HA should be enabled

VM requirements
  • VM must be stored in vmdk or virtual RDM files that are thick provisioned
  • VM files should be on shared storage
  • Only VMs with single vCPU is supported by FT
  • VM should be running on one of the supported operating systems

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
  • Shared storage is required for the hosts in the DRS cluster
  • Processor compatibility of hosts in the DRS cluster
  • Should meet all vMotion prerequisites
  • DRS is required for the working of DPM
High Availability
  • All hosts must be licensed for HA
  • All hosts must have access to the same management network
  • All hosts must have access to the same VM networks and datastores
  • For VMM, VMware tools must be installed
  • All hosts must have DNS configured


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