Group Policy in a nutshell


GPO - Group Policy Object : Refers to the policy that is configured at the Active Directory level and is inherited by the domain member computers. You can configure a GPO at the site level, domain level or OU level. GPO stores policy settings in two locations GPC and GPT

GPO behaviour : Local Policy > Site GPO > Domain GPO > OU GPO > Child OU GPO

GPC - Group Policy Container :This is the AD portion of the group policy. This can be viewed using ADSI edit.  It stores version information, status information, and other policy information. When you create a new GPO, an AD object of class groupPolicyContainer gets created under the System\Policies container within your AD domain

GPT - Group Policy Template :  The GPT is where the GPO stores the actual settings. It stores software policy script, and deployment information.
GPT is stored in SYSVOL share (\\DomainName\SYSVOL\Policies) whereas GPC is stored in the AD


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