DHCP not getting authorized in Windows 2008


After creating a new DHCP server in Windows 2008 server ,failed to authorize the DHCP server. The server was throwing the below error while trying to authorize.

‘The specified servers are already present in the directory service’


·         Open AD sites and services

·         Select ‘Show services Node’ from the view menu

·         Select Services àNetServices

·         In the right pane you could see the name of the newly provisioned DHCP server

·         Right click and delete the server

·         Open ADSIEDIT tool (This is available via mmc)

·         Right click ‘ADSI Edit’ and select ‘Connect to’ option

·         Under ‘Connection Point’, select the option ‘Select a well known Naming Context’ and Choose ‘Configuration’ from the drop down

·         Under ‘Computer’ select the option ‘Default’ and click Ok

·         On the left pane you will now receive the configuration partition details

·         Select ‘CN=Services’ à ‘CN=NetServices’ and you will see ‘CN=DhcpRoot’ on the right pane. Click properties

·         In the newly popped up ‘Attributor Editor’ tab choose the attribute ‘dhcpServers’ and modify the value with the new DHCP server address

·         Force replication using the command ‘repadmin /syncall’ and restart the DHCP server

·         After restart try to authorize the DHCP server again.


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